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Ultra fast reliable messaging in Java

Many times in our systems we've to use some messaging platform to provide communication between different servers. Usually we want this platform to be fast (the more the better) and reliable. There are many popular solutions like RabbitMQ, HornetQ and commercial products. But I wanted to try something completely different and really fast so I choosed Java-Chronicle ! Following Peter Lawrey words: "This library is an ultra low latency, high throughput, persisted, messaging and event driven in memory database. The typical latency is as low as 80 nano-seconds and supports throughput of 5-20 million messages/record updates per second." I will add that it can also synchronously persist it into disk and replicate over network - nice :) After cloning project from GitHub we can find two major in this context classes: ChronicleSource and ChronicleSink. The first will be our master server, which will be used as endpoint for getting new excerpts (in this post you can assume that i