Spring integration testing with Spock

I'm currently working on a project where we use Spring Framework 4.0 and Spock for testing. Unit testing in Spock is really great, but there are some lacks in integration testing - especially in mocking Spring beans. Our requirement is to start up Spring context but with particular bean replaced with mock.

The easiest part we had do implement is just regular Spring test specification:

        classes = [GatewayConfig, PaymentServiceConfig])
class PaymentServiceSpecIT extends Specification {

  final String CLIENT_ID = "54321"

  PaymentService paymentService

  def "Should return auth token"() {
            def token = paymentService.getAuthToken(CLIENT_ID)


The problem here is that getAuthToken method have to find this client configuration (including for example some keys data). It's done by invoking configurationService.getClientConfig(CLIENT_ID) method. So the best option here is to mock this invocation and return some predefined fixture.

What comes on my mind in that moment is Springockito project. Due to JavaConfig is our application springockito-annotations module have to be used. After adding proper dependency you just need to add "loader = SpringockitoAnnotatedContextLoader" into @ContextConfiguration.

And last but not least part - setting up mock. After many tries it was impossible for me to drive Spock mocking framework to do that, so I come back to old-school Mockito. Finally my test class looks as follows:

        classes = [GatewayConfig, PaymentServiceConfig],
        loader = SpringockitoAnnotatedContextLoader)
class PaymentServiceSpecIT extends Specification {

  final String CLIENT_ID = "54321"

  PaymentService paymentService

  ConfigurationService configService

  def "Should return auth token"() {
      def token = paymentService.getAuthToken(CLIENT_ID)


And that leads our test to working properly :)


dsrini.open said…
How did you setup the contextconfig, the other files. Is it through spring beans xml file ? Can you show that configs ?
Unknown said…
Spring configuration is done by normal @Configuration classes and there is nothing specific related to tests
pbetkier said…
Helpful post, integrating Spring, Spock and Springockito can be tricky.

It's worth noting that there is a pitfall when integrating Spock and Spring Boot with implicit property sources (application.properties etc.). In order to get them loaded in the first example (without Springockito), we should additionally specify "loader = SpringApplicationContextLoader" in @ContextConfiguration. In the second example, with Springockito, we cannot do that since we need a SpringockitoAnnotatedContextLoader, but adding "initializers = ConfigFileApplicationContextInitializer" to @ContextConfiguration solves the problem.

Alternatively, we could define our property sources explicitly in our JavaConfig e.g. using @PropertySource("application.properties") and leave @ContextConfigurations as presented.

Do you have a better suggestion on how to overcome this pitfall?
Unknown said…
IMHO as long as Spock doesn't support meta-annotations there is no better solution for that
Karol Kuc said…
Why not just
ConfigurationService mockedConfiguratinService(){
ConfigurationService cs = Mock()
in a configuration class?
Unknown said…
The problem with Spock mocks is that when you want to verify them it needs to be in the same line as setup. But I currently use constructions you've posted with Mockito, however the initialization is done in the particular test, because I don't like to keep mocking separately from test. That causes the problem that you have to remember what is a mock and what is not. It's easy when you're mocking whole layers (as described here: http://www.kubrynski.com/2015/11/smart-package-structure-to-improve.html)
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