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Runtime commited heap resizing

New day, new version of Java... nice :) We used to update minor Java versions mostly due to security issues. But sometimes those minor updates brings us brand new, awesome features. So was for example with 7u40 which brought us awesome Mission Control known from JRockit. (If you are interested in tracking changes across Java updates take a look at for Java 8 or for Java 7) Same situation is now with versions 7u60 and 8u20 . Since now flags MinHeapFreeRatio and MaxHeapFreeRatio became manageable, which means we can change its values... in runtime :)

Debugging OpenJDK

Image thx to @mihn Sometimes debugging Java code is not enough and we need to step over the native part of Java. I spent some time to achieve proper state of my JDK to do that, so short description probably will be useful for ones starting their trip. I'll use the brand new OpenJDK 9! At first you have to obtain main repository by typing hg clone openjdk9 Then in the openjdk9 directory type bash That will download all sources to you local filesystem. Theoretically compiling openjdk is not a big deal, but there are some (hmmm....) strange behaviours if you want to use it for debugging.